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Flood Insurance

All throughout Colorado, flooding can occur. This can be as a result of a water reservoir overflowing, melting snow, or something else. Since you never know what could happen, it’s best to be safe with flood insurance. At Avanti Insurance Services, we’re here to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Is flood insurance required?

You should always find out whether your home requires flood insurance. Depending on where you live and what kind of flood risks are in place, your mortgage company may require you to have a policy. FEMA maps are used to determine if you’re in a high-risk flood zone, too. In some instances, the state may require flood insurance based on the history of flooding in the area.

Even if flood insurance isn’t required, it can still be obtained. Policies are affordable enough that you can have the added coverage. It will protect you in the “what if” scenario that floodwater enters your home and damages your belongings.

What does flood insurance do?

Flood insurance offers protection in the event that there’s a lot of water near your home. Too much water can have an impact on flooring, drywall, and so much more. Additionally, it can damage a significant amount of the contents of your home. With the right insurance policy, you can file a claim to take care of the repairs and damage.

Don’t assume that homeowner’s insurance covers floods. In most instances, your home insurance won’t cover floods caused by water or mudflow.

With the right flood insurance, you can be covered against all sorts of reasons for flooding – storms, flooding that leads to a sewage backup, melting snow, a dam breaking in the area, and so much more. Since you can never be too sure what can happen in your area, it’s a small price to pay for the extra protection that a policy offers.

Learn more about flood insurance in Colorado today. Call us at Avanti Insurance Services to talk with one of our independent insurance agents.